When I was 19 years old, I was bit by the vicious producing bug. I was asked
to sign onto an all girl paranormal investigation television pilot. It was
one of my dirtier producing jobs but I loved every minute and learned a lot
about filming in the wilderness. By 23, I was field producing another pilot,
MTV’s Connected. This is where I learned all about releases, clearances &
meeting network expectations. At 26, I was the 1st digital producer ever hired
in the 100+ year history of Dole. Since then I have produced web commercials,
viral campaigns and branded content for several fortune 100’s.
For two years of my life I traveled around the world and back interviewing
survivors of sex crimes & gender based violence for a documentary that I
produced and directed. I sat down with everybody from Hollywood stars like
Tiffany Haddish, to rape survivors in Sweden and girls who live in an acid
attack survivor house in India. Aside the incredible lessons I learned about
human endurance I was able to master working as a one woman producing machine.
I can go anywhere to shoot plus capture sound & come home with an amazing story.
At this time I have been producing for over a decade. I can’t wait for what
comes my way next!

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